Innovation, Research and Development

software development services

InnovMarine’s Research, Development, & Innovation (IMRDI) division was established in 2018 in response to a growing demand from our customers for purpose-built software solutions to address their unique business needs. At IMRDI, we see technology as enabler; a way to automate and optimize your design/build processes to improve productivity and increase quality and timeliness of work.

IMRDI’s application specialists and software programmers will work with you to refine your requirements and build a plan to develop, test, and deploy a solution uniquely tailored to your organization.

Custom Software Development

Our team of developers create solutions that:

  • Integrate software products we sell (ShipConStructor, CMPIC, SmartShape) with our customer’s existing enterprise applications (ERP/PLM).
  • Automate the interchange of data between enterprise applications and CAD tools so engineers and planners can make better decisions sooner.
  • Reduce costly rework by automating QA processes that guarantee manufacturing information matches engineering design intent.

Process Automation Solutions

InnnovMarine develops customized automation solutions that extend CAD tools to automate manual, error-prone processes and improve productivity and efficiency of your engineering, planning, & production workflows.

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