SmartShape™ – Mobile Visual Collaboration
The Digital Shipyard

The business transformation to digital shipbuilding is accelerating and with it the demand for solutions that leverage the digital twin.

Tomorrow’s ships are technically far more advanced than any fleet before them. Between designing, building, and operating these ships, there is an enormous challenge for ship builders and owners alike.

How 3D visual collaboration accelerates your entire ship building process

Communicating complex manufacturing information doesn’t have to rely on 2D drawings alone. SmartShape replaces 2D drawings with “smart” 3D models that help to visualize an entire assembly process in 3D, keeping your workers productive while avoiding the costly delays that can arise from missing or misleading information. SmartShape runs on any smart devices and will continue to work even without an internet connection.

Builder Better Ships Faster

Save Time and Reduce Costly Productions Delays

All it takes is one drawing error or missing view to stop production and send workers scrambling for answers.

Using 3D information on a tablet, workers are better able to visualize an entire assembly sequence and avoid costly delays caused by confusing 2D-only information.

Save Time and Reduce Costly Drawing Production.

Producing the tens of thousands of 2D manufacturing drawings needed for today’s advanced ships is extremely costly and error prone.

Using visual information directly from the 3D model to communicate complex assembly sequences accelerates work and reduces the need for 2D drawings.

Save Time and Reduce Delays in Production Reporting

Traditional, paper-based production reporting methods are time consuming, introduce costly delays, and are error prone.

Capturing and recording production progress and problems in real time on the shop floor using SmartShape and a tablet eliminates costly reporting delays and allows production planners to make better decisions faster.

Save Time and Reduce Delays in Design Review

Design review processes with internal and external teams using disconnected offline 3D models is inefficient and time consuming.

Mobile, visual collaboration means all stakeholders, regardless of where they are located, collaborate in the 3D model in real-time, on all screens including VR/AR, instantly tagging issues to specific stakeholders and securely sharing them for tracking and recording.

Extending the Digital Thread Across the Vessel Lifecycle

SmartShape extends the value of digital thread across the vessel lifecycle, giving all stakeholders a single source of truth to make better, more informed decisions.





Naval Flagship Partner

Chantiers de l’Atlantique

SmartShape is being used by Chantiers de l’Atlantique to support the manufacturing of the biggest cruise ships in the world, some of the most complex man-made structures.

Watch the video on the left and to listen to the CEO and the CIO of Chantiers de l’Atlantique share the story of how SmartShape has helped them build better ships faster!