Create, edit, analyze, document, render and animate your ship surfaces!

What is Rhinoceros 3D?

Rhino3D is a powerful 3d modeler for many phases of ship design and fabrication.

Rhino3D uses accurate NURBS surfaces to help model many parts of a vessel.

Rhino3D’s flexibility lets you create your design using a number of workflows, not locking you into a predefined approach so that it may be used for 2D schematic design work to complex fabrication details.

What can you do with Rhino 3D?

Accurate Surface Design


Visualize your design

Compatible with Downstream Process & Fabrication Standards

Model Your Design

Rhino3D’s intuitive surface modeling engine lets you model the most complex surfaces accurately. Rhino3D’s unique ability to join surfaces into solids is key to surface modeling flexibility with solid manufacturing flexibility

  • Model using accurate NURBS geometry
  • Visualize changes in real time
  • Rhino3D includes tools to analyze fairness and curvature
  • Comprehensive training material, videos and support available

Engineer Your Design

Rhino3D serves as a platform for many marine-specific plugins which greatly enhances the feature set. The plugins available to naval architects, engineers and other marine experts allow you to build the robust suite of analysis tools needed in your workflow.

  • Hull Form Development
  • Parametric Structure Design
  • Steel Weights and Centres
  • Intact Hydrostatics and Stability
  • Material and Cost Tracking
  • Resistance and Power Analysis
  • CFD Meshers and Solvers
  • Comprehensive Export Tools
  • Piping and Systems Design (coming soon!)

Visualize Your Design

Rhino3D is a user-friendly tool for visualizing design solutions using illustrations or photorealistic renderings
Use renderings to sell your work without the expense of building prototypes
Rhino3D supports many popular rendering plug-ins such as V-Ray

  • Advanced display pipeline for real time rendering
  • Multiple Illustrative Display Modes
  • Make 2D images for Illustrations
  • Multiple View Layouts
  • Works with popular graphics products for output

Manufacture Your Design

Rhino3D is fully compatible with downstream process & fabrication tools & standards and exceeds manufacturing standards for accuracy and detail. Plugs, moulds, and plate can be cut directly from Rhino3D output files. Carver Yachts, Delta Marine, and PDQ Yachts credit Rhino3D with the quality and accuracy of their finished boats.

  • Output accurate geometry for fabrication
  • Accurate 2D Drawings
  • Prepare files for CNC Cutting
  • Flexible and comprehensive exports
  • Drive advanced robots for automated fabrication