Designers trust Rhino3D to reach critical milestones…

But does your design process meet your expectations?

Want to learn more about getting the greatest potential out of Rhino3D for ship design?
We got a plugin for Rhino3D to generate parametrically your Ship Structure.

Want to learn more about getting the most out of your investment in Rhino3D for Ship Design?

See a detailed demo of how ExpressMarine helps ship designers do more.

Case Study: National Shipbuilding
Research Program (NSRP)

Are you aware of these common time wasters
when managing design projects?

Your team could be doubling up on design work unnecessarily.

Manually creating every structural element of your ship model

Remodeling structure when the owner’s requirements change

Creating everything in 2D first
only to later design in 3D

With Rhino3D and Expressmarine Your Designers Can Produce and Manage Your Project’s Most Important Elements Faster

Adding intelligence to your Rhino3D model has never been more important, or easier.

Ability to manage iterations, changes through the concept, through the preliminary and contract phases

Create and manage the 3D model from start to finish

Maintain consistency between design and manufacturing tool

Streamline your structural design with
ExpressMarine and Rhino3D

The Rhinoceros plugin for structural design enables you to create fully parametric structural models.

Use Rhino3D to design a hull and build a defined structure in 3D

Create various types of structures and their required components

Automatically generate the weight and center of gravity of the complete structural model, specified volumes, parts, and more

See the solution in action at the National Shipbuilding
Research Program (NSRP)

Better leverage your early-phase design data and unlock
and ROI of 30:1 time savings versus traditional modelling

Model your vessel’s main structural components rapidly in ExpressMarine

Open the project in ShipConstructor and find it as if it was created here from scratch

Objects are exported and created as ShipConstructor objects with labels, logical connections, thickness and stock information

Case Study: National Shipbuilding
Research Program (NSRP)

The Ship Design Spiral

You are an expert at design and iterative optimization.
Click on any numbers across the spiral to engage.


Hmm, hard to beat a word processor here. Word!


Orca3D brings you parametric speed and power analysis at your fingertips, right inside Rhino3D.


Hull form development tools right inside Rhino3D makes fairing easier than ever, whether you start from scratch or use Orca3D’s built in Hull Assistants.


Hitting target hydrostatics while working to keep the lines fair is where art meets engineering; it’s also why Orca3D and Rhino3D are such a potent pairing.


Export GHS data directly from your hull form in Rhino3D.


Rhino3D is Inventor’s best friend; and referencing the hull and structure model while creating your 3D general arrangement is as smooth as a Herreshoff bottom.


Parametric structure design inside Rhino3D, no you’re not dreaming, ExpressMarine is a powerful structure design tool that picks up where Orca3D leaves off prepping structure suitable for class review.


When the design has progressed along the design spiral to the point where more robust resistance and powering is required, Orca3D has powerful CFD analysis to get you what you need.


Sure, an accountant can use a spreadsheet to build a balance sheet, but they use software written specifically for the job – shouldn’t you too? State of the art weight management tools, weight distribution curves, moment of inertia and radii of gyration calculations are just some of the features.


Create compartments with structure using ExpressMarine, ship weight and Orca3D perform in-depth intact stability analyses.


We have exciting news here we hope to share soon, but in the meantime: export GHS data from your Rhino3D hull right into GHS.


Nothing to see here… move along.