March 2023 Edition

It’s time for another issue of InnovMarine News! In this edition, we are keeping the conversation going on Digital shipbuilding and transformation, and our focus is on Innovation and gaining a better understanding of your digital transformation journey.

As always, we bring to you new solutions and in this edition, we’re excited to introduce Autodesk Docs, an easy-to-use document management tool that streamlines collaboration and project management in the shipbuilding industry. Keep reading to discover how it can revolutionize your operations!

Lastly, we’d love to hear from you! If there’s a topic, you’d like us to cover in future editions, simply reply to this email or complete the survey at the end of this email, and we’ll do our best to provide the information you need.



What Does Innovation Mean at InnovMarine?

In January, InnovMarine created an Innovation Working Group consisting of employees across various departments. Since then, it has been busy defining its purpose, technology roadmap and key elements of an innovation culture including our own definition of innovation and what it means to us as a company:

Creating positive change through the implementation of ideas (both big and small) that have a powerful impact.


Digital Transformation: What is it and how can it be achieved?

Companies across almost all industrial sectors, especially the marine industry, are facing immense pressure to save time and money to stay competitive in an economy where costs are constantly increasing, and uncertainty is the new norm. Digital transformation is largely touted as a solution to some of these challenges because it enables new business models to emerge and eliminates non-value-added activities. While this is true, many companies seek out the latest technologies and adopt them eagerly, expecting a quick ROI. Although initial benefits ca

n be realized, these benefits are not usually extended to the rest of the business enterprise without a supporting and mature digital thread.

But what is a digital thread and how does it enable digital transformation? To quote Neil Ward-Dutton, one of Europe’s most experienced and high-profile strategic business technology advisors:

To make a real Digital Transformation, think of how you can weave a ‘digital thread’ through your operations, products and services to support new customer experiences you’re trying to create.â€

To mature this digital thread, we need to understand the difference between digitization (creating the thread), digitalization (weaving the thread) and digital transformation (leveraging the thread). Pia Bogush of BusinessTech Weekly has is summarized this nicely in the table replicated below:



The path to digital transformation is not linear, it is a continuous journey that requires companies to think differently about how they do business. As new business models emerge, companies may find themselves digitalizing in different ways to support their ongoing transformation strategy. The key is to remain agile and flexible to meet customer demands and take advantage of new technologies as they emerge.

What challenges or successes have you experienced on your digital transformation journey?

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Problem? we have the solution

PROBLEM: Managing several project documents can be a pain staking process and in many cases time consuming when looking for information which can lead to delayed deliverables and missed deadlines. Additionally, project documents involve many people which can also cause confusion in knowing who does what, who sends what, who receives what and from whom, leading to loss of key information, documentation errors, additional work (5 to 10 days/project) and budget impact.

SOLUTION: Autodesk Docs is a cloud-based document management platform and a common data environment that teams can collaborate throughout the project lifecycle. With Autodesk Docs you can:

  • Improve accuracy by reducing errors and rework.
  • Streamline review and approval workflows.
  • Align team members and make project scheduling easier saving time and cost


  • Centralized document management where you and your team can publish, review and comment on latest project design information securely anytime, anywhere.
  • Distribute and share documents with project stakeholders safely and securely and get the right information into the right hands.
  • Reliably track project progress through rapidly changing requirements.

Watch the Autodesk Docs Demo Now


Problem? we have the solution

Technologies are ever-changing and our daily software tools undergo several feature updates to address these changing needs.  Although we may be aware of these changes, it might not always be clear  how we can benefit from them.

Training is about more than being able to use the software. It is part of a much larger orchestration of internal talent and resources to meet organizational goals. As a leader in providing shipbuilding automation and digitalization solutions, InnovMarine offers clients a competitive advantage by supporting the development of a highly skilled workforce. A well-trained workforce makes executing new digital strategies much simpler.

InnovMarine 4.0 Digital Academy provides certified training courses in ShipConstructor and Advanced Rhino Marine. Our instructors are both certified and authorized trainers who will take you through real world examples and practical exercises specific to ship building. Click here to learn more about InnovMarine 4.0 Digital Academy.

I found the exercises and modeling projects very helpful. I learned a lot of different modeling methods and new tools. Watching someone else use Rhino is always a great learning experience as there are so many different ways to approach modeling.” – Emma Williams, Poseidon Marine Consultants.


Innovmarine Updates

Earlier this year, InnovMarine joined the St. Lawrence Economic Development Corporation. The St. Lawrence Economic Development Corporation is proud to have a diverse membership, which allows it to bring together all stakeholders in the maritime community. SODES members come from these backgrounds: elevators and terminals, shippers, ports, carriers, municipal and regional governments, maritime associations, service and equipment providers, institutions, etc.”

“The SODES wants to be the privileged interlocutor of the governments regarding the development and economic life of the St. Lawrence, whether it is in terms of freight and passenger transportation, regional development or the environment.”

With a focus on transforming the shipbuilding industry through a people-centered approach that boosts productivity and simplifies technology to enable shipbuilders to build better ships faster, InnovMarine’s membership in SODES was a must.

In other news, we have reached out to some of you with our Customer Satisfaction Survey and will highly appreciate your responses to help us serve you better.

Additionally, its almost time for Mari-tech 2023, in Vancouver BC from April 18-20, 2023, and we invite you all to visit us at our booth # 111 where we will be sharing our initiatives on Innovation in the shipbuilding industry.

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