November 2022 Edition

Welcome to the first edition of the InnovMarine Newsletter. In this edition, we wanted to share with you How to take a People-First approach to Digital Transformation. At InnovMarine, putting people first is in our DNA which is in fact in our Values statement, Build long-term relationships with people based on a commitment to quality, trust, innovation, and open communication, because we care to achieve a positive impact on the lives of our team members, our customers, and our partners.

Furthermore, find out about some of the problems shared by our customers in their workflow management and how a product like CMPIC can help in workflow optimization, reduction of rework and costly project delays. For existing CMPIC users, we have also provided a useful product tip!

Lastly, keep reading to explore more about our customer’s success and all the exciting things we have been up to at InnovMarine.


It should come as no surprise that at InnovMarine, we believe that successfully navigating the challenging waters of digital transformation means focusing on people first, your workforce; followed by the processes they follow, enabled by technology.

Earlier this year, we published on our website a 5-part series “Taking a People-First Approach to Digital Transformation”, perhaps you’ve seen it and found it helpful. For this inaugural issue of The Chart Room, we’re taking this opportunity to summarize the key messages in each of the segments and include a link to the full post.

Part 1: How to take a people-first approach to digital transformation.

Implementing digital transformation is challenging. It is not just about buying the latest shipbuilding software tools. So, why is digital transformation so important? Three good reasons, (1) A competitive advantage for your workforce. (2) Workforce transformation enables better business decisions, and (3) Going digital means interconnecting business activities across all functions including supply chain, finance, and risk management. Click <HERE> to read the full post.

Part 2: Laying the Foundation for Digital Transformation

Laying the right foundation that enables you to foster a corporate culture that embraces workplace transformation is important to achieving success. An essential element of achieving your strategic goals is (1) Having a clear vision and (2) Aligning it with your workplace transformation plan deliverables. Click <HERE> for the full post.

Part 3: Launching Your Digital Transformation

Workplace transformation is challenging. People like change, they just don’t like to be changed. Meaning, people don’t want to feel like they’re being forced to do something new. (1) Promote your vision for change, starting at the top. (2) Establish clear goals and metrics in each department. (3) Measure your success over time because transformation happens over time. Click<HERE> for the full post.

Part 4: Fostering a Culture that Embraces Digital Transformation

We believe that to succeed in the change process, managers need to inspire and engage their employees. Getting everyone involved helps foster buy-in and elevate overall performance levels, when inevitably, the excitement of the launch begins to fade. For a few suggestions on how to keep employees motivated and engaged click <HERE> for the full post.

Part 5: Get Started, One Process At A Time

Technology enables workplace transformation. For a few ideas on how to effectively integrate new technologies into your long-term vision so people feel like they’re becoming more productive and efficient as a whole, click <HERE> for the full post. Hint: Start by updating one process at a time to give employees time to get used to new ways of working.

The Last Word

Many of us have found ourselves asking or being asked to define digital transformation and are not able to come up with a definitive answer. “If you can’t define Digital Transformation, how do I explain this to my boss and get him/her to invest. He/She will want measurable impacts.” Sound familiar?

Some of the best advice I’ve read comes from Monica Schnitger in a May 2022 blog post on her website titled: Digital Transformation? Let’s Talk. I’ll share one of her 6 pieces of advice, well, because it aligns with what I started with: At InnovMarine, putting people first is in our DNA.

Make sure every human being affected by this change understands why it’s necessary and how they fit into this new world of work. If they don’t buy-in, this can’t succeed — and you want them positively engaged rather than punished into cooperating.

Problem? We have the solution

Problem: Production Supervisor – “We find the data provided by Engineering for the cable routes/terminations is not always reliable and so, to ensure that we have enough cable for a route, we will often add 10-20%. However, this leaves us with wasted cable remnants at the end of the project which is very costly.” Case in point – one shipyard we talked to recently told us they had over $1M in cost overruns on a single project due change orders arising from inaccurate or unreliable cable information.

Solution: Production Engineer – “I’ve heard there’s a software that can help us better manage our cables.”

CMPIC – Design

Schedule the creation of devices and cables, cable routes, route approvals, generation of pull sheets in a highly disciplined environment.

CMPIC – Configuration Managed Project Integrated Cabling

CMPIC is a rules-based, spec driven application based on the Oracle database and is used by many of the world’s largest shipbuilders including BAE, DCNS, Irving Shipbuilding, Austal USA, Fincantieri Marinette Marine, and Halter Marine.

CMPIC – Production

Create and track work packages of cables and devices. Manage spool optimization, cable cutting, installation and commission.

Product Tip

CMPIC provides for the prioritization of cable routing based on type. Larger more expensive cables can be given a higher priority in routing to ensure they have the shortest path. You can always de-escalate a cable’s status if you want to re-route it to allow a more expensive cable to have priority.

Innovmarine & our customers

SSI World Shipbuilding Conference, Mobile, AL., October 4-6, 2022

InnovMarine flew south to support our friends at SSI USA in their first post-pandemic conference, held in Mobile, Alabama. Attendees from around the world came together to learn, network, and share how to Innovate, Integrate, and Build today’s fleet of complex ships using solutions from SSI and their software partners.

InnovMarine delivered two sessions including Secrets of a Platinum Reseller (hint: expect more from us!) and a Custom Tool & Productivity Driver Development workshop led by Jim Pyra and Iker Bizcarguenaga.

International Workboat Show, New Orleans, LA., November 30th to December 2nd, 2022

InnovMarine is once again heading south and will be exhibiting at the International Work Boat Show in New Orleans! Come visit us at booth 1664 and connect with our Sales team and learn how InnovMarine is helping designers, builders, and owners transform their business to digital shipbuilding and sustainment.

Customer Success Story

At InnovMarine, our customer’s success is our success and to that we would like to share with you Albion Marine Solutions’green retrofit program helping ship owners meet the requirements of International Maritime Organization for ships to install ballast water management systems (BWMSs) to reduce their environmental impact.

InnovMarine worked with Albion Marine to ensure ShipConstructor’s capabilities were incrementally upgraded to support their BWTS retrofit process. Learn more about Albion’s Ballast Water Treatment System – Turnkey Solution.

Did you Know ?

Most people are aware that Beethoven was deaf. However, the musician figured out a way to hear even after losing the ability to hear sounds. If Beethoven bit into a metal pole that he connected to his piano, then he could hear through a process called bone conduction.