A 3D, interactive web application
for industrial maintenance

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What is it?

QuickBrain is a smart Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), with automatic document linkage to equipment and a 3D visualization of the working environment.


The system works on all devices (desktop or mobile).

A maintenance technician using the QuickBrain app on a French Naval vessel to identify maintenance equipment location

Trusted by leaders across industries:

Computertized maintenance management system for marine, navy, environment, energy, and other industries

A practical maintenance app

Everything you need to simplify maintenance operations


Operation & Maintenance
Manuals Management
  • Simply access relevant data
    and documents with a
    powerful search engine
  • Link documents to smart
    drawings, 360° views and
    3D models


Computerised Maintenance Management System
  • Easily schedule your work orders and allocate resources with a click
  • Connect to Scada and ERP with API’s; Manage your assets with real time KPI’s


Automatic Document Linking to Equipment
  • Organize 30 to 50% of the O&MM automatically with state-of-the-art algorithm
  • Make documentation searchable by tag

3D View

3D Visualization of Working Environment
  • Massive integration of 360° photos, videos and 3D models (BIM) to make operations and maintenance smarter.

Experience 3D smart navigation with documents linking to smart drawings.

Built for efficiency

A simple application, designed by technicians, for technicians.


Save time on information searches and data management


Increase uptime through scheduling, anticipating future events


Digitally connect information, physical assets and work orders

Demo of QuickBrain web app: 3D view

Take a 3D virtual tour of your vessel or plant from your desktop or tablet

How QuickBrain helps our clients

“The Quickbrain software program has enabled us to optimise our preventative maintenance and stock management thanks to its simplicity and constantly improving features.”

Elshan AKBAROV , Maintenance Manager at CNIM AZ

Learn What QUICKBRAIN Can Do For You

Companies who implement QuickBrain understand how critical their maintenance operations is to the entire organization. QuickBrain is easy-to- learn and use, and helps you optimize your maintenance operations processes and systems.
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