Visual Collaboration at the Speed of Business

SmartShape enables all stakeholders in the marine industry to visually collaborate throughout the entire lifecycle of a ship. Naval architects and marine engineers can easily and securely share design concepts with owners and classification societies.  Shipbuilders can push smart 3D models down to the manufacturing hall to enable transformational change of their build processes. Owners and operators can dramatically improve operational performance and reduce maintenance cost by providing workers with access to current, reliable as-built 3D models connected to enterprise applications such as asset management and PLM.

SmartShape securely streams intelligent 3D models in just seconds to commercially available network-aware devices (tablets, smart-phones, PCs) with support for on-line bi-directional communication and off-line operation with automated data synchronization.

By seamlessly bridging the physical and digital worlds, SmartShape is helping to accelerate the shipbuilding industry’s transition to the use of digital twins, empowering owners and operators to achieve greater returns on their assets.

Connect 50+ 3D formats to your business data to create your project’s “smart shape”.



Optimized & delivered up to 200x faster through our secured 3D streaming protocol.


On all screens – including VR/AR – for all the stakeholders to explore & collaborate.



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