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ShipConstructor is a suite of AutoCAD based software products designed for engineering and construction in the shipbuilding industry. ShipConstructor’s AutoCAD foundation provides a user environment that is a globally recognized CAD/CAM standard. This results in an existing labor pool of expertise, a common DWG format for sharing information with other applications, and a portfolio of complementary Autodesk products.

A ShipConstructor product model can seamlessly be utilized by other Autodesk applications. With the breadth and depth of the Autodesk portfolio, a comprehensive Autodesk based solution utilizing ShipConstructor can be implemented for a wide variety of complex enterprise-level business challenges.

This is because ShipConstructor products have an underlying AutoCAD engine and the core technology is consistent with the entire Autodesk Platform. ShipConstructor is as tightly integrated with the Autodesk portfolio as other Autodesk products. Consequently, Autodesk products (Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk Vault, etc.) treat ShipConstructor as if it is a native AutoCAD vertical, allowing seamless integration.