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SSI EnterprisePlatform is a new line of products from SSI that enables the enormous wealth of engineering information in a product data model, such as the ShipConstructorMarine Information Model (MIM) , to be available across an organization.  This information can be efficiently shared with, and easily accessed by, multiple individuals, software applications and production equipment utilized in the shipbuilding process. This includes people, programs and processes outside of the Engineering department. The SSI EnterprisePlatform generates information in the correct format and representation needed for varying use cases and brings a product-focused approach to enterprise-wide availability of engineering data that is cost-effective, scalable, configurable, consistent, and transparent.


1. Finds information. The MIM is a big place.
•  It can take quite a while for a user to find a single piece of product data model information, find and open a drawing, and export the required data. The PublisherLT allows a user to load information, drawings, assemblies, parts, spools and more by specified criteria. This eliminates the time required to navigate and locate each and every piece of information.

•  Without PublisherLT, when a batch of drawings or other information is required (spools for a given system, parts of a given type, etc… etc…) it is left to a user to determine which drawings, parts, etc… are captured and exported. This is an error prone process. The downstream impact in other departments like purchasing and production of these errors can be significant. PublisherLT eliminates these types of errors by allowing users to capture and export this information based on specific criteria. This ensures that all of the required information is available.

2. Automates repetitive tasks.
•  As with any data rich shipbuilding CAD program, there are many repetitive tasks involved with gathering information.  ShipConstructor and AutoCAD are no exception; opening a drawing and exporting an AutoCAD table, exporting to plain DWG, plotting to PNG or PDF (and many, many, more) are all repetitive and a significant hit on human resources.

•  In these cases, the user would normally open the drawing and run the appropriate command with the correct options and then continue for all of the other drawings that require processing. PublisherLT automates these tasks by locating the required information or drawing, accessing it, and running the required commands with specified options, and then carries on to the next task with no input from the user. This saves the user significant time and also eliminates errors that normally result from repetitive tasks. It is simple to configure PublisherLT and from then on, running it is a simple as a press of a button.

3. Keeps skilled users focused on high value work.
•  PublisherLT allows those costly human resources such as naval architects, marine engineers and draftsman to stay focused on tasks where they add maximum value: designing, engineering and drafting, not spending large amounts of time finding, formatting and exporting information for other departments. PublisherLT eliminates much of this error prone, repetitive, time consuming, and manual process.

4. Does not require knowledge of ShipConstructor.
•  While ShipConstructor is easier to learn than any other shipbuilding CAD/CAM application , it still isn’t something you want people to have to learn just to gather information. PublisherLT allows the product data model – ShipConstructor’s Marine Information Model in this case – to be easily accessible to all stakeholders, including management and individuals in other departments, even to those lacking knowledge of the specific CAD/CAM application.

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