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Join us at Mari-Tech 2018

Join us this week at Mari-Tech 2018 in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, at the Victoria Conference Center in the historic Empress Hotel.

Visit us at Booth 15 in the Carlson Hall, Salon C and experience the technology solutions that empower the designers, builders, and owners of Canada’s next generation of vessels. We are looking forward to welcoming all attendees and clients to our booth. Be sure to stop by and enter our booth draw for the chance to win a Flat Screen TV


Mari-Tech 2018







Mari-Tech 2018 will take place in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, at the Victoria Conference Center in the historic Empress Hotel, April 18-20, 2018. The conference is an annual gathering of the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering, held throughout Canada, since 1976; this year’s theme is “Honing the Leading Edge“.

Emerging Technologies are becoming mature, with operators learning from varied experience.  Manufacturers and regulators are receiving feedback from end-users.  It is the effect operational experience is having on emerging technology that we wish to explore.


Mari Tech 2018 offers a rich agenda of relevant technical presentations, a bustling exhibition hall, nourishing activities, and ample opportunities for networking.


Canadian Naval, Government, and commercial fleets are in the advanced stages of a massive fleet revitalization, presenting challenges and opportunities for Marine Professionals.


Marine Professionals involved in the design, building, maintenance and operation of large ships, and other marine vessels, will benefit from this important annual gathering of expertise.



InnovMarine will  be delivering a Technical Presentation on Day 2 (19 April) entitled: Emerging Mobile Applications for Real-Time Visualization of Smart 3D As-Built Models in Ship Lifecycle Management (14h30 – 15h00)

Visit InnovMarine at Mari-Tech 2018 in Booth 15 in the Carlson Hall, Salon C and experience the technology solutions that empower the designers, builders, and owners of Canada’s next generation of vessels. We welcome all and look forward to connecting with delegates and clients far and wide.

ShipConstructor 2018 R2.1 – Released



With 57 new features, 154 improvements and a major “Wishlist” item completed to enhance MarineDrafting, the latest release of SSI’s ShipConstructor software continues to demonstrate why it is the leading ship design / engineering program for streamlining frequently encountered manual work.

Additionally, enhancements to EnterprisePlatform PublisherLT now make it easier for you to import, export, and share customized operations. This makes it easier for you to customize PublisherLT to suit your specific needs.


  • More options for view-generation in MarineDrafting.
  • Improved revision and task support when creating, deleting or modifying Structure parts and stocks.
  • Easy Import and Export of EnterprisePlatform Operations.
  • Multiple new features for ShipConstructor subscribers now available in the Subscription Advantage Pack.

Learn More

See videos, screenshots, system requirements, downloading and purchasing information.

SSI Certified Training

InnovMarine is pleased to announce that we will be delivering SSI Certified Training at the Vancouver campus of UBC during the week of February 19th to 23rd, 2018.

SSI Certified Training is a comprehensive training program designed by SSI for its ShipConstructor and EnterprisePlatform software. Students receive practical instruction and guidance through a set of hands-on realistic exercises. The pre-packaged, standardized training curriculum ensures consistent, high-quality training around the global. Certifications may be earned for various levels of proficiency and then used as evidence of competency.

ShipConstructor Certified Training Classes for this session include:

  • Pipe Catalog
  • Pipe Modeling
  • Hull & Structure Catalog
  • Structure Modeling

Course Fees

  • Non-Student: $1,500 CAD
  • Student: $375 CAD          (proof of enrolment in a recognized secondary or post-secondary institution is required)


Class Size and Pre-Requisites

  • The class will be limited to 16 students to maximize benefits and optimize learning. Reservations booked on a “first come first serve” basis and must be confirmed with payment.
  • Students must have completed the complimentary ShipConstructor Essentials self-paced training course prior to attending. To learn more, click <HERE> or contact InnovMarine for more information.


  • Monday AM: Pipe Catalog
  • Monday PM: Pipe Modeling
  • Tuesday: Pipe Modeling
  • Wednesday AM: Pipe Modeling
  • Wednesday PM: Hull & Structure Catalog
  • Thursday: Structure Modeling
  • Friday: Structure Modeling

This training session is  40 hours in total; 5 days @ 8 hours per day.  Classes are conducted from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST with a 1 hour lunch period.

Registration and Information

  • To obtain a copy of the course syllabus or to enroll in this Certified Training class, please contact us by Email, or call us at 418-838-3553 or toll-free: 1-855-660-4545

ShipConstructor 2018 R2 – Released

Take a look at what’s new in the latest SSI software release: With efficiency-promoting enhancements to ShipConstructor’s MarineDrafting product, plus Label List Palette improvements, and other new features… You cannot miss out on this, below is a short list from this release:


MarineDrafting Enhancements:

  • Automatically generate Pipe and HVAC Centerlines: Speed up dimensioning.
  • Create simplified or detailed representations of 2D geometry: Different options for different needs.

Label List Palette Enhancements:

  • Instantly tell which parts are missing labels and where those parts are located in a drawing.

Lightweight Model Link:

  • Quickly bring a stage into your current model drawing for reference.

Generate Names by Unit:

  • Update part names by picking one or multiple units in your project.


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Join us at SMC17

Join us at our booth at the SNAME Maritime Convention this week !! Oct. 24 – Oct 28

We will be showcasing CMPIC, the solution for Lifecycle Cable Management used by many leading shipbuilders in Europe, Asia, and North America.

InnovMarine looks forward to welcoming all attendees and clients to their booth. Be sure to stop by the booth and enter to win a 32” Flat Screen TV.

SNAME Maritime Convention 2017

The SNAME Maritime Convention brings together the global maritime community’s best and brightest minds to discuss, debate, and build the industry’s future. Explore cutting-edge technical presentations, discover new products and opportunities, expand your network of leading international experts, and invest in your career. This year the SMC will be hosted at the Hyatt Regency Houston in Houston, TX on Wednesday to Friday, Oct 24 through Oct 28, 2017.

InnovMarine is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at SMC this year, visit us at booth 314. We welcome all and look forward to connecting with delegates and clients far and wide.

CADLearning The BLAST

We here at Innovmarine have begun to showcase each issue of the Blast as they release.

The Blast is a media-rich, interactive magazine providing insight into the latest innovations in the 3D design, architecture, construction, engineering, and entertainment industries. CADLearning’s subject matter experts provide advice on using the latest Autodesk applications, including tips and tricks, industry trends and real world solutions to today’s design challenges. Subscriptions to The Blast are absolutely free, so why not find out what over 22,000 other Autodesk users already know? Subscribe now to receive your copy of The Blast each and every month.

See the current issue showcase here…

ShipConstructor 2018R1.1 Released

The 2018 R1.1 release of SSI’s ShipConstructor and EnterprisePlatform software has generated rave reviews, particularly new tools in the Subscription Advantage Pack that significantly reduce the hours required to create and manage labels in output drawings.

ShipConstructor key highlights:

• (New) Parts Revision Viewer
• (Enhanced) Project Revisions Viewer
• (Enhanced) Pipe AutoRouting
• (New) Label List Palette (Subscription Advantage Pack)
• (New) Local Clash Detection (Subscription Advantage Pack)
Learn more about ShipConstructor


EnterprisePlateform :

• ProjectViewer (and related ProjectCache)
Learn more about EnterprisePlatform