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Lèvis, 24th July, 2023 

INNOVMARINE becomes the official distributor for North America of ENNOVIA’s QuickBrain maintenance support solution. 

Following an initial meeting in Toulon in the spring, during a trade mission organized by TVT-System Factory, ENNOVIA and INNOVMARINE are joining forces to meet the needs of the North American markets in the field of civilian and military shipbuilding and maintenance. 


A Shared Vision 

INNOVMARINE shares with ENNOVIA the same approach to technology as a lever for simplification and daily efficiency for field operators. This is one of the characteristics of the QuickBrain solution that has impressed numerous industrial players and the French Navy. 


Focus on Maintenance 

The agreement with ENNOVIA will allow INNOVMARINE to complement its shipbuilding offerings with maintenance management, an area in which ENNOVIA is already established in France. 


A Booming Market 

The Canadian Government’s announcements regarding the construction of seven new icebreakers, as well as upcoming military programs, are providing significant momentum to the marine industry in Canada, a momentum that has been magnified locally for INNOVMARINE with the announcement that Davie shipyard in Quebec has been officially added to Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy. The agreement between INNOVMARINE and ENNOVIA aligns with this momentum. 

According to Jean-Yves KBAIER, CEO of ENNOVIA: “This partnership allows us to combine strong expertise within our two companies. For ENNOVIA, it’s an opportunity to rely on a renowned partner in shipbuilding across the Atlantic to promote a Made in France solution.” 

Pierre-Charles DRAPEAU, President of INNOVMARINE, stated: “The addition of QuickBrain to InnovMarine’s suite of solutions comes at an ideal time for the North American maritime industry, as a significant number of shipyards plan to modernize their facilities to support the construction of new vessels for both private and public sectors in the coming years. InnovMarine is always looking for new solutions that assist our clients in their digitization and business optimization efforts, and we are eager to bring the same success that ENNOVIA has achieved with the French Navy and shipyards to the industry here in North America.” 



ENNOVIA specializes in industrial maintenance engineering and develops technological solutions to increase facility availability, facilitate maintenance planning, and forecast operations. The company is based in Toulon and operates in France and internationally, employing 20 people. 



Founded in 2014, InnovMarine is a trusted provider of software solutions developed in partnership and consulting services that support the transformation of the maritime industry towards digital shipbuilding and operational maintenance. InnovMarine focuses on productivity and simplifies technology to enable the construction of better ships more efficiently. The company is based in Levis, Quebec, and employs 35 people. 

The countdown is on for ships to install ballast water management systems (BWMSs) to reduce their environmental impact. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set a deadline of September 8, 2024 for ships to comply with
performance standards to protect local ecosystems from invasive species carried in ships’ ballast water.



Babcock Partners with InnovMarine to Deliver Interactive Access to 3-D Digital Twins, Enabling Asset Owners to Make Better Informed Decisions

June 1, 2022 – Babcock Canada is delighted to partner with InnovMarine Inc. to support the development of TwinViewTM, an application included within Babcock’s iSupport360™ digital asset management suite of tools. TwinViewTM will further enable iSupport360™ users to make more informed decisions and better manage their assets by allowing users to replace 2D drawings with smart 3D models, providing the ability to visualize an entire assembly process in 3D.

About iSupport360™ and TwinViewTM

iSupport360™ is Babcock’s approach to digital asset management that supports complete lifecycle management of complex marine, aviation, and nuclear energy assets. iSupport360™ enables an asset owner or manager to optimize the performance of physical assets, augmenting Babcock’s trusted approach with cutting edge digital technology. The iSupport360™ toolset is highly adaptable and is underpinned by a common architecture that combines a blend of off-the-shelf and Babcock-developed tools. With the support of leading-edge technology companies, like InnovMarine, the toolset can be further customized to meet clients’ needs.

TwinViewTM is an interactive assessment tool that provides specialist teams with a 3D digital-twin view of critical assets, such as naval vessels. Users are able to collect, view, and analyze the condition of their assets using 3D special visualization to monitor corrosion and other possible defects from their mobile devices. The application includes a touchscreen reporting tool to enter survey data and upload photo scans, indicating the exact location being inspected, in real-time, directly from the maintenance facility.

The partnership between Babcock and InnovMarine to develop cutting edge applications such as TwinView™,is an important step in preparing our organizations to support Canada’s digital navy.

This indirect investment is helping Babcock Canada meet its IRB obligations to Canada on the Victoria-Class In-Service Support Contract. The IRB Policy helps create jobs and foster economic growth by requiring the company to undertake high value-added business activities and investments in Canada equal to the value of their contract.

Babcock is delighted to be partnering with InnovMarine to support the development of TwinView™, which is an innovative tool that will further enable iSupport360™ users to make more informed decisions and better manage their critical assets.

Abhinav Chakraborty, Head of Technology & Innovation, Babcock Canada.

We are excited to collaborate with Babcock on the integration of the SmartShape™ app with TwinView™, making it an ideal lifecycle management tool for asset owners, including the Royal Canadian Navy.

Pierre-Charles Drapeau, President of InnovMarine

About InnovMarine

Founded in 2014, InnovMarine is a trusted provider of partner-developed software solutions and consulting services that support the marine industry’s business transformation to digital shipbuilding and sustainment. InnovMarine also offers clients consulting services for process improvement that boosts productivity and operational efficiency. InnovMarine is the authorized Canadian reseller for ShipConstructor, EnterprisePlatform, Autodesk, ExpressMarine, and CADLearning. In North America, they are the authorized resellers for CMPIC, SmartShape, and Rhino. Learn more at


Prioritizing efficiency, ExpressMarine allows the use of parametric and non-parametric elements in the same model, thus minimizing the disadvantages of the fully parametric approach, where modelling time is wasted on thorough definitions of certain parameters which may never be used later. For this new ExpressMarine release, below are some of the Enhancement/fixes compared to the previous versions.

Force Full Model Update

‘Force full model update’ no longer creates geometry in nodes not previously ‘Applied’ by user.

Update model

Objects in need of update marked in tree. This can also allow the user to update a specific block without updating the entire model.

Search Function

Keeping in mind our goal of increasing productivity, the search function allow the user to quickly find an item without having to search in the tree.