MythBusters, Shipbuilders’ Edition: 3 myths around switching to 3D models

Everyone’s nervous about switching from 2D to 3D models and for good reasons.

  • It’s a huge investment
  • There’s still a lot of unknowns
  • There’s no guarantee of business transformation success

But actually, most shipbuilders are nervous about switching because they don’t like change. I’d like to bust some myths around using 3D models and you can decide for yourself whether you think having 3D models to replace your 2D drawings is a good idea.

Myth #1: 3D models are not trustworthy

I hear this often. “Can you trust the 3D model, is it really accurate?”

What people don’t know is that your MI, i.e., CAD design file, is produced from the 3D model. In other words, the MI is a snapshot in time of your 3D model. So, if you trust the MI, you trust the 3D model.

The 3D model IS your source of truth, so it is inherently trustworthy.

Myth #2: 3D models don’t provide enough information to work directly off of

I’ve heard this complaint. “I can’t work from the 3D model because not everything is modeled.”

While it is correct that not everything is modeling in 3D, it is also not necessary to model everything in detail in 3D. For what is not modeled, you’re still going to need 2D. But if you reduce your dependence on 2D, it has many benefits:

  • Drawings are always up to date and reflect the actual model
  • Minimal requests for clarification or additional detail
  • Measurements can be taken directly from the 3D model instead of with a ruler
  • Eliminates the need to recreate updated 2D drawings as the changes will automatically be updated in the 3D model

Myth #3: You need to be tech savvy to use 3D models

I’ve heard this frequently from engineers and designers as well. “I’m not tech savvy. I prefer to have my piece of paper in my hand and hold my pen to mark it.”

I also like having a pen and being able to mark things. But if technology can help you reduce time, headache, and manufacturing errors it might be worth at least exploring.

The thing most people don’t realize is that technology can easily be optimized based on the preferences of individuals on your team. For example, you might have very, very simplified technology that allows you to visualize the 3D but for your young crew you can have augmented reality technology.

Using more complex technology can do more for you, but you can still get huge benefits without everyone needing to be tech savvy.

You understand the benefits of 3D models, but is everyone on your team going to be on board with this? Have you tried using 3D models to replace your 2D drawings? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

P.S. If you’re tired of constant rework and starting to think that maybe you’re ready to move your team(s) away from 2D models and could use some support, we get it. Feel free to book a 30 minute, no obligation consult with an expert on our team here.