Laying the Foundation for Digital Transformation

Welcome to part 2 of our 5-part series on taking a People-First Approach to drive your digital transformation. In our last post we reviewed the competitive advantages of going. You can read part 1 here.

Our team at InnovMarine wants to set you up for success. Laying the right foundation that enables you to foster a corporate culture that embraces workplace transformation. This is how you can get started:

Develop Your Vision with the End in Mind

Digital transformation is not buying latest technology. It is a workplace transformation, enabled by technology that happens over time. Workplace transformation requires a people-first approach. This means any changes to existing processes must be discussed before they are adopted.

Forward-looking company leaders begin their workplace transformation by developing a clear vision for ‘why’ things will change and the resulting long-term benefits for their shipyard. Perhaps your vision is to adopt a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution extends through the procurement, manufacturing, commissioning, refit, repair, and decommissioning of a vessel to maximize profitability. Having a clearly articulated vision is how you get buy-in from the executive team and from your entire organization.

When InnovMarine works with clients, we begin with the end in mind to develop a vision that is both inspiring and energizing. By developing a clear vision that supports the ‘why’, your team can begin the process of identifying ‘how’ processes will be optimized.

Create a Workplace Transformation Plan

Having a vision of ‘why’ your workplace is changing doesn’t provide managers with the ‘how’.  The how is your transformation plan and includes tangible deliverables and outcomes.

Figuring out the ‘how’ requires a lot of conversations with experts outside your company and with those on your team. Building the steppingstones for ‘how’ the vision will be achieved is a team effort. It should include scenarios for how new processes will work and have employees discuss how their roles will change.

Make Your Transformation Plan is a Living Document

Make your workplace transformation plan is a living document so it constantly reflects input from your team. Collecting input means establishing communications channels that provide multiple opportunities for employees to share concerns and provide input on how a new process will impact operations.

Hosting meetings, circulating questionnaires, and posting an online suggestion box, is a people-first approach that gives everyone an avenue to contribute and feel like part of the change process.

Stay tuned for our next post where we explore how to launch your digital transformation plan

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