Personalized, On-Demand Learning for All Things Autodesk


Flexible Autodesk Learning for your Business!

Every job has specific tasks and competencies that define it.

  • pre-hire assessments
  • onboarding training
  • upskilling training
  • refresher training

CADLearning makes your employees more productive every step of the way.

Building Better Outcomes

Individualized Learning

Experiences that lead to better onboarding and upskilling with goals based on roles and responsibilities. Minimize time. Maximize retention.


Purpose-built tools lead to measurable outcomes and improve workflows, processes, and best practices. Curated performance improvement.

Unique Content

Lessons are atomized, focusing on just one task that is immediately actionable, leading to better knowledge retention. Building blocks for targeted learning.

What’s CADLearning ?

Keep Your Talent & Keep Them Billable

Pairing the most comprehensive Autodesk learning library with tools that integrate custom content allows for hyper-personalized learning to help your employees master your organization’s workflows and procedures. Every job has specific tasks and competencies that define it.

Roles and Goals customize learning solutions that are unique to each user, team, and organization, by identifying required job competencies and mapping those competencies to desired outcomes.

The resulting individualized learning experiences provide incremental achievements, which are validated and measured for 100% competency.

CADLearning Library

As an Autodesk Authorized Publisher and premier learning partner, the CADLearning Library includes over 35,000 lessons and 15,000 assessment questions on more than 50 Autodesk products. Lessons are atomized to focus on just one concept or feature, providing short, digestible microlearning that is immediately actionable and leads to better knowledge retention.

CADLearning Assist

Take advantage of your favorite CADLearning features in your Autodesk application.

CADLearning Assist includes:  

  • Your full CADLearning dashboard with Roles and Goals,
    Pop Quizzes, and What’s Next 
  • Access to the Organization Administrator dashboard* 
  • Suggested lessons as you work in the application 
  • Content libraries with filters and What’s New toggle 
  • CADLearning Help for natural language answers 

Extending the Digital Thread Across the Vessel Lifecycle

SmartShape extends the value of digital thread across the vessel lifecycle, giving all stakeholders a single source of truth to make better, more informed decisions.