InnovMarine Consulting Services

Organizations today are seeking to optimize their operation with greater levels of efficiency through better communication and collaboration, increased automation, and more effective data management.

Unfortunately, efficiencies and performance improvement aren’t always easy to achieve; most of the obvious targets that could deliver productivity gains has already been realized. To move to the next level, companies need expertise that may not be found in-house.

InnovMarine understands this need and provides consulting services in key areas of process improvement, technology and tools optimization, systems integration, and data management.

Our Process

InnovMarine’s consultants use a structured approach, similar to a business process assessment, to identify opportunities for improvement and establish implementation strategies based on business value that deliver measurable results and accelerate lasting change. We seek to understand processes and workflows, how a process is performing today and how it is measured. Understanding how each department interacts with other groups, and challenges they see today helps to uncover the most important drivers of poor productivity and what can be done to remove them.

Your Assurance

After results and business recommendations are presented and decisions are made based on priorities and ROI, InnovMarine’s consultants, analysts, and process improvement specialists work with internal stakeholders to implement recommended changes. We make sure that what is implemented will be used by all stakeholders. Together, we develop a global change plan incorporating all design/build processes. Our agile approach focuses on delivering quick wins with your team during these steps. Changes are only made real when there are fully embedded in your day-to-day operation.

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