SSI 2020 R1.1 Released

SSI 2020 R1.1 is now available to download from the SSI Nexus SSI-Downloads Section.

2020R1.1 features a wide range of new features, fixes, and client requests such as:


The SSI 2020 R1.1 installer includes several new features for ShipExplorer, a recent addition to the SSI product family.

ShipExplorer is a Navisworks plugin that enables ShipConstructor files to be easily managed and viewed from within Navisworks Simulate or Manage and allows you to produce Navisworks Drawing (NWD) files that can be shared and viewed using Navisworks Freedom.

Enhancements to Clashes

SSI 2020 R1.1 includes several improvements to ShipConstructor Clash detection that expands and simplifies the types of clashes that may be detected and reported.

Distributed Teams

SSI conducted a variety of in-depth performance investigations intended to improve the performance and user experience for those working with distributed teams.

SSI 2020 R1.1 contains performance improvements with respect to the Product Hierarchy palette’s performance, and with Opening Model Drawings.


SSI 2020 R1.1 introduces Project Actions, which allows Administrators to schedule, run, and review project database backup and maintenance activities from the ShipConstructor Administrator.

Server Upgrades

ShipConstructor and EnterprisePlatform now support Windows Server 2019, allowing you to keep up with the latest improvements to system infrastructures, a key requirement for maintaining your organization’s competitiveness.

Project Insights

Project Insights is evolving quickly and we have already experienced a lot of positive feedback.

Multi-Hull Solution

SSI’s ongoing Multi-Hull management initiative allows you to reuse work and manage changes between sister ship projects.

To learn more about SSI 2020 R1.1 visit the SSI Release page or review the Tech-Notes for this Release.

Mari-Tech 2019

2019 Conference and Exhibition Full Speed Ahead: Firing on all Cylinders

SSI Reseller and Authorized Training Center InnovMarine will be exhibiting at Mari-Tech, taking place at the Ottawa Conference and Event Center, April 23-25, 2019. This year’s conference theme, Full Speed Ahead: Firing on all Cylinders, challenges marine engineers to look past the status quo and look at new, inventive solutions for the most important issues facing marine engineering in Canada.

The Digital Twin
Charting a Course Forward

Digital twin innovation in vessel lifecycle management, or simply asset management, is already underway, even before the industry has reached a consensus. While the benefits of the digital twin are believed to be real and achievable, realizing the desired outcomes will require broad industry collaboration as well as bold technological innovation and adoption.

Want to learn more? Have something to share with us? Then, be sure to drop by Booth 45 to chat with the InnovMarine team and our solution partners. We’d love to hear from owners and industry stakeholders, exchange a few of our own ideas, and showcase the technology that is enabling digital twin innovation today!

The Digital Shipyard – Lifecycle Cable Management

Save the Date!
10 April 2019 | 11h00 Pacific

The Digital Shipyard – Lifecycle Cable Management

The transition to digital shipbuilding is accelerating each year and with it, the demand for tools and technology that exploit the “digital twin”. Long the domain of manual paper and spreadsheet-based methods, cable design and production management are too often disconnected from the detailed design intent, resulting in unforeseen errors, material waste, re-work, and costly project delays.

BAE, DCNS, Alewijnse Marine, Austal USA, Fincantieri Marinette Marine, Gibbs & Cox, Seaspan, and Irving Shipbuilding

What do all these companies have in Common?

Yes, they’re all CMPIC users and combined they have carried out over 150 projects and routed & installed more than 2,000,000 cables in the last 20+ years.

Join industry peers and digital transformation leaders to learn how Cable Design & Production Management software can improve design-to-installation workflows.  From scheduling the creation of devices and cables, auto-routing cables, approvals, generating pull-sheets and work packages, designers and production planners can realize tremendous productivity gains from a highly disciplined rules-based, spec-driven software environment.

Learn how one leading US builder of complex naval ships implemented cable management to support their push towards digitization to optimize ship design and production.

Registration is now open!

Click on this link to enroll and reserve your spot and receive the Webinar information when it becomes available shortly.

ShipConstructor Training

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ShipConstructor Certified Training
18-22 February 2019

InnovMarine is pleased to announce that we will be delivering SSI Certified Training at the Vancouver Campus of UBC during the week of February 18th to 22rd, 2019.

SSI Certified Training is a comprehensive training program designed by SSI for its ShipConstructor and EnterprisePlatform software. Students receive practical instruction and guidance through a set of hands-on realistic exercises. The pre-packaged, standardized training curriculum ensures consistent, high-quality training around the global. Certifications may be earned for various levels of proficiency and then used as evidence of competency

ShipConstructor Certified Training Classes for this session include:

  • Pipe Catalog
  • Pipe Modeling
  • Hull & Structure Catalog
  • Hull Modeling

Course Fees:

  • Non-Student: $1,600 CAD
  • Student: $375 CAD

(proof of enrolment in a recognized secondary or post-secondary institution is required)

Class Size and Pre-Requisites

  • The class will be limited to 12 students to maximize benefits and optimize learning.
  • Reservations booked on a “first come first serve” basis and must be confirmed with payment.
  • Students must have completed the complimentary ShipConstructor Essentials self-paced training course prior to attending. To learn more, click or contact InnovMarine for more information.


  • Monday: Pipe Catalog
  • Tuesday: Pipe Modeling
  • Wednesday AM: Pipe Modeling
  • Wednesday PM: Hull & Structure Catalog
  • Thursday: Hull Modeling
  • Friday: Hull Modeling

This training session is  40 hours in total;5 days @ 8 hours per day.  Classes are conducted from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST with a 1 hour lunch period.

Registration and Information

To obtain a copy of the course syllabus or to enrol in this Certified Training class, please click the Register button below or contact us by Email, or call us at 418-838-3553 or toll-free: 1-855-660-4545

The Digital Shipyard – SmartShape

See the Recording HERE

The Digital Shipyard
Mobile Collaboration with SMART 3D Models

The proven benefits of using 3D ship models in vessel design and engineering is leading today’s modern shipyards to exploit these “digital twins” for construction operations, helping to drive more efficient and affordable shipbuilding.

Visually accurate and reliable 3D ship models enriched with data including VFI or MI, pushed to mobile devices in the shipyard, helps drive increased productivity, reduce ECO cycle time and rework, and provide future sailors with a “digital blueprint” of the vessel for use during the 50+ years of operation.

Please join us for this informative 1-hour Webinar where attendees will gain practical insights in to the increasing role of digital twins in shipbuilding, understand the challenges and obstacles to adoption and implementation, and learn how one of Europe’s leading builders of complex cruise and military vessels altered the way they build ships by using mobile, visual collaboration with smart 3D ship models to empower their workers with better information, in real time!

Target audience – digital transformation leaders in Planning, Engineering, Production, and Information Technology.

Webinar Recording is now Available

See the Recording HERE

ShipConstructor 2019R1.1 Released

SSI keeps enhancing the ease of use of its industry-leading shipbuilding software products ShipConstructor and EnterprisePlatform. More capabilities result in more opportunities to streamline your work. Features like these are what clients have been asking for on the Nexus Wishlist and once again, SSI has delivered in the latest release.

Check out the new features found in SSI 2019 R1.1:

New ModelLink Manager

  • Now MLink EVERYTHING without limitation on the drawing type.
  • Reference drawings in a fast, lightweight manner using a slick workflow that links Navisworks and ShipConstructor.

WeldManagement Improvements

  • Awesome new Weld Manager Palette.
  • Multiple productivity enhancements for weld paths, creating, modifying and saving welds.
  • Many new benefits including the ability to select exactly the assemblies you need

Create Equipment Stock via AutoCAD solids

  • Streamline outfitting with this productivity enhancement.

Enable Hull Effectivity

  • Transfer Standard Assemblies, PipeSupports and Penetrations across projects.

Project Insights

  • Improvements on the way: You’ll soon be able to access advanced analytics for your projects to enhance your decision-making process

Integrate with Ease

  • It is now easier to integrate EnterprisePlatform with other systems and tools.

Learn More

Boursier InnovMarine

InnovMarine is excited and pleased to announce the inaugural winner of the Boursier InnovMarine. Congratulations to Jeremy Jones, a graduating student in Naval Architecture from Institut Maritime du Quebec in Rimouski (IMQ). The $500 bursary is meant to symbolize and to acknowledge Academic Excellence, Perseverance and Motivation.

InnovMarine est ravi et heureux d’annoncer le premier lauréat de la Bourse InnovMarine. Félicitations à Jeremy Jones, étudiant en architecture navale à l’Institut maritime du Québec à Rimouski (IMQ). La bourse de 500$ vise à symboliser et à reconnaître l’excellence académique, la persévérance et la motivation.

IMQ – Formation ShipConstructor

After the second successful ShipConstructor Training session at the Institut Maritime du Quebec in Rimouski, we want to wish the recent graduates of the Naval Architecture class a successful career in shipbuilding.

We have been given the honour to provide ShipConstructor training to these bright young professionals.

We look forward to returning for a third session next year to continue providing the next generation of shipbuilders the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in our industry.

Suite à  la réussite de la deuxième formation ShipConstructor à l’Institut Maritime du Québec à Rimouski, nous souhaitons aux récents diplômés de la classe d’architecture navale, une carrière réussie dans la construction navale.

Nous avons eu l’honneur d’offrir une formation ShipConstructor à ces jeunes professionnels brillants.

Nous sommes impatients de revenir pour une troisième formation l’année prochaine afin de continuer à fournir à la prochaine génération de constructeurs de navires les compétences et les connaissances dont ils ont besoin pour réussir dans notre industrie.

SSI 2019 Released


ShipConstructor and EnterprisePlatform Highlights

Check out these great new features

Pipe: Greatly increased capability available to users of Pipe.

Nest: Greatly increased capability available to users of Nest.

Suites: Greatly increased capability available to users of Suites.

Software Platform Upgrades: Now you can harness all the benefits of AutoCAD 2019, SQL Server 2017 and Windows Server 2016.

Nexus Wishlist Fulfillments: ShipConstructor’s industry-leading labelling just keeps getting better and there is expanded ability to mark group intersections beyond structural parts.

Hull Effectivity (e.g. Sister Ships): Subscribers get a Technical Preview of expanded capabilities to synchronize parts across projects.

EnterprisePlatform Enhancements: Additional operations plus faster output file creation.

Learn More

Webinar: View a Demo

Formation ShipConstructor à IMQ


InnovMarine a le plaisir de vous annoncer  la tenue d’une formation certifiée ShipConstructor à Rimouski dans les locaux de Institut maritime du Québec les semaines du 28 mai au 1er juin et du 4 au 8 juin, 2018.

La formation certifiée ShipConstructor est un programme conçu afin que les étudiants reçoivent une formation pratique comprenant des exercices réaliste de modélisation utilisant le logiciel ShipConstructor. Le programme certifiée de formation permet la standardisation de la formation de haute qualité peu importe l’endroit dans le monde.


La formation certifiée ShipConstructor comprendra les cours suivants:

  • Catalogue de tuyauterie (Pipe Catalog)
  • Modélisation de tuyauterie (Pipe Modeling)
  • Catalogue et modélisation d’équipement (Equipment Catalog and Modeling)
  • Conception dessins mécanique (Outfitting Documentation Drawings)
  • Conception dessins de production (Production Documentation Drawings)
  • Catalogue de coque et structure (Hull & Structure Catalog)
  • Modélisation structure (Structure Modeling)
  • Conception dessins coque et structure (Hull and Structure Documentation Drawings)
  • Conception de dessins 2D à partir du modèle 3D (Marine Drafting)



  • Non-étudiants: $3000 CAD ($1,500 CAD/semaine)
  • Étudiants: $750 CAD ($375 CAD/semaine) (une preuve d’inscription à un programme d’étude secondaire ou post-secondaire est requise)


Places disponible et pré-requis:

  • Le groupe est limité à 16 places afin d’optimizer la formation et l’apprentissage du groupe. Les reservations sont prises sur une base de ‘’premier arrive, premier servi” et doit être confirmé par le paiement du coût de formation.
  • Les étudiants doivent avoir complétés la formation autodidacte gratuite  ShipConstructor Essentials avant d’assister à la formation. Pour plus d’information, svp contacter  InnovMarine.



Semaine 1:
• Catalogue de tuyauterie (Pipe Catalog)
• Modélisation de tuyauterie (Pipe Modeling)
• Catalogue et modélisation d’équipement (Equipment Catalog and Modeling)
• Conception dessins mécanique (Outfitting Documentation Drawings)
• Conception dessins de production (Production Documentation Drawings)

Semaine 2:
• Catalogue de coque et structure (Hull & Structure Catalog)
• Modélisation structure (Structure Modeling)
• Conception dessins coque et structure (Hull and Structure Documentation Drawings)
• Conception de dessins 2D à partir du modèle 3D (Marine Drafting)

La formation est d’une durée de 80 heures au total; 10 jours @ 8 heures par jour.  Les heures de classes sont de 8:00 AM à 5:00 PM comprenant une heure pour le dîner.


Inscription et information:

Pour obtenir une copie du curriculum ou pour s’inscrire à la formation, svp nous contacter par courriel  ou appeler le 418-838-3553 ou sans frais: 1-855-660-4545