ShipConstructor – Conseils pour travailler à la maison

Opening/Saving File Performance:
• Remove Xrefs/part views before saving, reducing time to open file/ save.

Graphics Performance:

  • Visual style to only 2D wireframe:
    1. Run command: VSCURRENT
    2. Select Option: 2dwireframe

  • Turn off Hardware acceleration:
    1. Run command: GRAPHICSCONFIG
    2. Turn off hardware acceleration
    3. Click Ok

AutoCAD Remote Desktop Tips

  • The full crosshair (100) can be quite a bit slower than a smaller setting, instead switch to the out of the box setting of 5 (Options, Display tab, Crosshair Size). [set CURSORSIZE to 5]
  • Turn off Dynamic Input in the Status Bar. [set DYNMODE to 0]
  • Turn off Selection Previews (Options, Selection tab, clear the checkmark for “When no command is active”). [set SELECTIONPREVIEW to 0]
  • Change your Automatic Save to 20 or more (Options, Open and Save tab, Automatic Save). [set SAVETIME to 20]
  • Suppress regenerations when you switch between model space and layouts (Options, System tab, Use the “Cache model tab and all layouts” option). [set LAYOUTREGENCTL to 2]
  • Save any drawings that are not used as Xrefs without layer and spatial indexes, used only by the Demand Loading feature (SAVEAS dialog, Tools > Options and then set the “indexing value” to None). [set INDEXCTL to 0] – It can slow performance and increase file sizes because you are maintaining lots of index information you may never use.
  • Type -HATCH instead of using the Hatch tool in the ribbon as the ribbon Hatch tool uses a lot of screen graphics.
  • I would also suggest not leaving the following Properties and Layers palettes “on” (or even docked). They get refreshed all the time (with each selection and when switching between drawings) and it slows things down.
  • Suppress those annoying (and slow) view transitions. [set VTENABLE to 0] Your pans and zooms will respond better. Also available via the VTOPTIONS command – uncheck all.
  • Disable ToolTips and rollover ToolTips (Options, Display tab, clear the checkmarks for Show ToolTips and Show rollover ToolTips). [set TOOLTIPS to 0 and set ROLLOVERTIPS to 0]
  • Disable Selection Cycling and Quick Properties in the Status Bar. [set SELECTIONCYCLING to 0 and set QPMODE to 0]
  • To improve performance set transparency of palettes off. [set PALETTEOPAQUE to 1]
  • When working with large drawings the automatic preview of hatches can cause performance issues. [set HPQUICKPREVIEW to 0]