SSI 2020 R1.1 Released

SSI 2020 R1.1 is now available to download from the SSI Nexus SSI-Downloads Section.

2020R1.1 features a wide range of new features, fixes, and client requests such as:


The SSI 2020 R1.1 installer includes several new features for ShipExplorer, a recent addition to the SSI product family.

ShipExplorer is a Navisworks plugin that enables ShipConstructor files to be easily managed and viewed from within Navisworks Simulate or Manage and allows you to produce Navisworks Drawing (NWD) files that can be shared and viewed using Navisworks Freedom.

Enhancements to Clashes

SSI 2020 R1.1 includes several improvements to ShipConstructor Clash detection that expands and simplifies the types of clashes that may be detected and reported.

Distributed Teams

SSI conducted a variety of in-depth performance investigations intended to improve the performance and user experience for those working with distributed teams.

SSI 2020 R1.1 contains performance improvements with respect to the Product Hierarchy palette’s performance, and with Opening Model Drawings.


SSI 2020 R1.1 introduces Project Actions, which allows Administrators to schedule, run, and review project database backup and maintenance activities from the ShipConstructor Administrator.

Server Upgrades

ShipConstructor and EnterprisePlatform now support Windows Server 2019, allowing you to keep up with the latest improvements to system infrastructures, a key requirement for maintaining your organization’s competitiveness.

Project Insights

Project Insights is evolving quickly and we have already experienced a lot of positive feedback.

Multi-Hull Solution

SSI’s ongoing Multi-Hull management initiative allows you to reuse work and manage changes between sister ship projects.

To learn more about SSI 2020 R1.1 visit the SSI Release page or review the Tech-Notes for this Release.