SSI Certified Training

InnovMarine is pleased to announce that we will be delivering SSI Certified Training at the Vancouver campus of UBC during the week of February 19th to 23rd, 2018.

SSI Certified Training is a comprehensive training program designed by SSI for its ShipConstructor and EnterprisePlatform software. Students receive practical instruction and guidance through a set of hands-on realistic exercises. The pre-packaged, standardized training curriculum ensures consistent, high-quality training around the global. Certifications may be earned for various levels of proficiency and then used as evidence of competency.

ShipConstructor Certified Training Classes for this session include:

  • Pipe Catalog
  • Pipe Modeling
  • Hull & Structure Catalog
  • Structure Modeling

Course Fees

  • Non-Student: $1,500 CAD
  • Student: $375 CAD          (proof of enrolment in a recognized secondary or post-secondary institution is required)


Class Size and Pre-Requisites

  • The class will be limited to 16 students to maximize benefits and optimize learning. Reservations booked on a “first come first serve” basis and must be confirmed with payment.
  • Students must have completed the complimentary ShipConstructor Essentials self-paced training course prior to attending. To learn more, click <HERE> or contact InnovMarine for more information.


  • Monday AM: Pipe Catalog
  • Monday PM: Pipe Modeling
  • Tuesday: Pipe Modeling
  • Wednesday AM: Pipe Modeling
  • Wednesday PM: Hull & Structure Catalog
  • Thursday: Structure Modeling
  • Friday: Structure Modeling

This training session is  40 hours in total; 5 days @ 8 hours per day.  Classes are conducted from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST with a 1 hour lunch period.

Registration and Information

  • To obtain a copy of the course syllabus or to enroll in this Certified Training class, please contact us by Email, or call us at 418-838-3553 or toll-free: 1-855-660-4545