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InnovMarine Inc. supplies innovative software solutions for ship design, construction and operation with a mission to improve productivity and eco-efficiency of the maritime industry. 

InnovMarine is the Canadian representative for ShipConstructor, NAPA, Autodesk, Cloudis software suites.

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InnovMarine New Solution for Online Training on Autodesk Product!!Autodesk Training InnovMarine CADLearning Portal


​​​ShipConstructor 2016 SSI’s newly released version of its Autodesk based ShipConstructor CAD/CAM software (ShipConstructor 2016) provides 27 new features and 104 enhancements including important new functionality to easily and intuitively re-use information to save time. See highlights below. Click here for more details​.

NAPA Launches Integrated Safety Solution for Passenger vessels

ec mon 1 - with survivability 

NAPA has launched an innovative data-led package of monitoring, analytic and predictive solutions to increase the safety of passenger vessels and save lives in emergency situations. NAPA Safety Solutions, which harnesses the power of the volume and variety of data being collected and processed aboard vessels, was revealed to industry leaders at Cruise Shipping Miami event in March 2015.

Read more in a press release.​

SSI Blogs

​​​​SSI executives and staff share their perspectives regarding our company, clients, technology, and the shipbuilding and offshore business.

Lighthouse - SSI Client, Company and Industry News Blog


SSI staff members shine a light on the company, its clients, ShipConstructor CAD/CAM software, and the shipbuilding and offshore industry.

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Crow's Nest - Bird’s Eye View of Shipbuilding &Technology


SSI CEO Darren Larkins focuses on how the latest business and technology trends are impacting our industry.

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Waveform - Riding the Waves of Shipbuilding & Technology


SSI CTO Denis Morais provides insights into the rising tide of business and technology innovations in the shipbuilding and offshore industries.

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